About The Scrunchie Club

Our mission is to create unique scrunchies, serving individualists and nonprofit organizations who march to the beat of their own drum. 

A Note from Our Founder:

Simply put, I’m delighted that the scrunchie is back. However, I realized that there weren’t any designs out there for individualists with values and interests that weren’t the status quo for those who are unique and weird and embrace every part of it which led me to create The Scrunchie Club! The Scrunchie Club partners with independent artists to create unique, limited edition designs that you’ll wear proudly on whatever adventure awaits you. 15% of the profits from each design are donated to a charity that’s near and dear to the artist’s heart.

From the bottom of our hearts (and tops of our heads), thank you for supporting The Scrunchie Club. We’re so excited to be here.

In fun and positivity,

Alyssa Kaplan

young alyssa kaplan

A young Alyssa, lover of hair accessories