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Surviving Summer Humidity with Thick or Curly Hair

May 19, 2021

what hair product is best for humidity

When you have thick or curl hair, the summer heat can be rough. It can feel impossible to cool down, as your hair is always in the way, keeping you sweating through September.

Here are our best hair tips for beating the summer heat with thick or curly hair:

Best Hair Accessories for Summer Humidity

2021 summer hair trends

I *might* be biased, but hair accessories are the best (temporary) way to get your hair off your overheating neck and face… and we think our scrunchies do the trick.

Need some ideas for curly hairstyles for summer? Check out our blog post on 10 quick and easy hairstyles, that can all be completed in 5 minutes or less.

Get a Summer Haircut

Every year, around May or June, it’s time for my summer cut. As someone with curly hair, I only get my haircut twice a year, but removing some of the weight of my hair provides for easier maintenance all summer long.

I feel less weighed down by my hair, and styling it is a lot easier when there’s a little bit less of it.

Spray Bottles to Cool Down

Sometimes, you just gotta cool down. Whether it’s your hair or your face, a spritz can do the trick when you are overheating and can’t reach air conditioning.

Bonus points if you grab one of those spray water bottles with a fan from the 90s. Those rule.