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5 Benefits of Wearing Scrunchies | Why You Should Wear Scrunchies

February 17, 2021

are scrunchies good for your hair

There are a lot of different hair accessories out there - so, why should you be wearing scrunchies? In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our favorite benefits that you’ll receive by donning scrunchies on a regular basis:

1. Reduced hair damage

Because scrunchies include an extra layer of fabric between your hair and the elastic, they tend to lead to less hair damage compared to traditional ponytail holders. Scrunchies are also easier to untangle from your hair, which is when the majority of hair damage occurs. 

2. Less ponytail slippage

Many people in our community have shared that they love wearing our scrunchies when they are exercising, as they don’t slip off their ponytail like traditional hair ties. This means you’ll spend less time fixing your hair, and more time… doing whatever you want!

3. No tight ponytail headaches

no crease scrunchies

Some people who wear tight ponytails may experience headaches. Scrunchies can often relieve some of that pressure, because of the extra fabric around the elastic. However, if you’re experiencing headaches on a regular basis, we encourage you to consult a medical professional.


4. More comfortable on your wrist

We love keeping scrunchies on our wrists so they are always nearby if we need one! Scrunchies tend to have a looser fit, making them more comfortable than wearing tight ponytail holders on your wrist every day. 

Plus, you can coordinate them with your outfit of the day.

5. Expressing yourself 

We saved the best for last - our favorite reason why you should be wearing scrunchies is… they are another way to express yourself!

are scrunchies better for your hair?

Our Founder, Alyssa, started The Scrunchie Club when she was shopping for scrunchies and couldn’t find any options that spoke to her values. So, she set out to create a brand of scrunchies that stood for something.

When you catch a glimpse of your scrunchie (whether in your hair or on your wrist), we hope it serves as a reminder that what makes you different deserves to be celebrated.


Why do you love wearing scrunchies? Let us know onInstagram!