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10 Quick & Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles to Wear Every Day

October 22, 2020

scrunchies how to style

It’s no secret - we love scrunchies here at The Scrunchie Club! In this post, we’re excited to share some of our favorite quick and easy ways to style your hair with our scrunchies.

The Classic Ponytail

scrunchies how to wear

You know her, you love herit’s the classic pony. A no-nonsense hairstyle, the ponytail is there for you when you’re getting a bit overheated at work, or want to put your hair up before bed. 

The Two Scrunchie Pony

natural hairstyles

When one scrunchie just won’t cut it, it’s time for the two scrunchie pony. An easy hairstyle for longer natural hair, the two scrunchie pony gives the traditional ponytail a little extra flair.

The High Pony

high ponytail with scrunchie 90s hairstyle

This one is pretty self-explanatory - the high pony is a ponytail from the top of your head instead of the back. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it’s a little more fun than the classic ponytail.

Pigtail Braids

pigtail braids easy hairstyle with scrunchies

A childhood classic, pigtails braids are great when you're having a bad hair day.

The Messy Bun

how do i wear scrunchies with natural hair

Alyssa’s personal favorite (she is famous for her bun hairstyle), the bun is a great hairstyle for curly hair. We love using our scrunchies for a messy bun when we need to focus on the task at hand. The messy bun is also a great hairstyle for exercising since it provides extra neck ventilation. ;)


Space Buns

space buns hairstyle

What's better than one bun? Two buns. For the space buns look, you can use two of the same scrunchies, or mix and match!

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down hairstyle with scrunchie

Half up half down hairstyles are always a go-to classic in our book. A cute hairstyle with bangs (or without!), we like to change up the “half up” part of this look depending on our mood.

Double Buns

Double bun hairstyle for natural hair

Something a little different than the normal hairstyle double the buns means double the fun. 

Half Up Bun

half up bun hairstyle

This scrunchie hairstyle is similar to the traditional half up/half down look, but the "half up" part is a bun, instead of a traditional ponytail. If you can't get enough of a messy bun, this one's for you.

Crazy Hair Day Ponytails

crazy hair day ideas

Remember in elementary school when you’d celebrate “Crazy Hair Day”? When you’re an adult, any day can be crazy hair day if you *just believe*. 

This is also a great option for teachers who want to participate in crazy hair day with their students!

Shop our scrunchie starter pack gift set, and you'll be in crazy hair day land in no time.

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