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Meet Givi Carter | Artist's Corner

August 18, 2021

Meet Givi Carter | Artist's Corner

Meet Givi! Givi (pronounced ghee-vee)Carter is an Atlanta-based illustrator who tries to channel her inner child in everything she does to invoke a celebration of shape and color that makes the eyes happy. She’s also the artist behind our brand new Sweet Badass scrunchie!

Givi Carter

The Scrunchie Club: Givi, we’re so excited to chat about your journey as an artist and your “Sweet Badass” design!

GC: Oh wow! This was a neat project to be a part of, and I appreciate being brought on! The design itself is simple, but I hope that makes it all the more charming.


TSC: When did you first fall in love with art? And how has your artistic style evolved over time?

GC: I think when I first realized that cartoons and comics were made by people and not computers I realized, “wow, I can do that too.” I remembered the Cartoon Cartoon shorts of the early 90’s would have title cards that said “Made by So and So from Burbank, California” it just clicked. I started to crack open notebooks when I sat in front of the TV and try to draw the character’s like-ness exactly, really focusing on the shapes that made them unique.

Even though I grew to love art through animation, that kind of took a hard-turn in college when I realized I wanted to pursue illustration, and that evolved even further when I ended up bouncing around graphic design jobs for the first 5 years of my professional career.

Givi Carter Illustration

TSC: What advice do you have for artists who are still searching for their signature style?

GC: To me, style is just what you draw naturally and fastest. It doesn’t have to be a sure, stagnant thing. As you grow, your style and taste does too. Draw shapes, icons, characters so much it just becomes second nature how you’d draw them. Try out a ton of different mediums and programs even if they seem scary (you might secretly be a natural).


Givi Carter


TSC: We’re so excited to be partnering with you on our new Sweet Badass design. Can you share more about the inspiration behind the artwork?

GC: I really wanted to make something for kids and adults! So something both current me and baby me would want to wear. Fun, emotive icons reach a lot of those demographics, and I wanted to incorporate a layer of sweetness but also badassery.


Sweet Badass Scrunchie by Givi Carter

TSC: When people wear your scrunchie design, how do you hope they feel?

GC: Like a cool cutie.


TSC: And finally, one of our favorite questions - How do you treat yourself with kindness? 

GC: Frequent naps, daydreaming on long hikes, thrift shopping, oreo milkshakes, spontaneous road trips, allowing myself to do nothing on occasion and just enjoy the moment, and gas station taquitos.


TSC: Thanks so much for chatting with us, Givi!

For more about Givi, follow her on Instagram and check out her Sweet Badass design!