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“Help, I keep losing my scrunchies!”

July 25, 2021

“Help, I keep losing my scrunchies!”

We’ve all been there… that moment of panic when you realize, “Sh*t, I lost my favorite scrunchie. Wasn’t I wearing it yesterday? Or… has it been a week since I’ve last seen it?”

As a hair accessories brand, we hear this a lot. (Some people have even told us that they never wash their scrunchies... because they lose them too quickly.)

While we all misplace things sometimes (be kind to yourself - it’s inevitable!), here are our best tips for reducing “scrunchie turnover”:

Get Organized

I know, I know. This is the obvious tip that none of us really want to hear. But when your scrunchies are organized, it’ll be easier to spot if there’s one missing.

losing my scrunchies mystery

There are many different approaches to scrunchie organization - we’ve shared our favorites in a different blog post.

Designate “Scrunchie Spots”

While similar to our last organization tip, this one is more like… organized chaos. Designate a few locations where you’ll stash your scrunchies. With this method, you’ll always have one nearby, but you’ll also have specific spots to check if you’re looking for your favorite “Adopt, Don’t Shop” scrunchie.

Stash spot favorites include your everyday purse or work bag, your car, or your nightstand.


Get More Scrunchies

Okay, so we might have an ulterior motive here: As a scrunchie company, we’ll always advocate for more scrunchies. But, as we shared earlier, turnover is inevitable! Buy doubles of your favorites 🙂

favorite scrunchies