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How to Organize Scrunchies | Scrunchie Storage Ideas

December 05, 2020

How to Organize Scrunchies | Scrunchie Storage Ideas

Since I started a scrunchie company, I’m obviously a big fan of hair accessories. I love them so much that they’ve totally taken over my studio apartment in New York City. 

After some quick googling, I found out that a lot of other people are having the same question - how do I store my scrunchies? What’s the best way to organize scrunchies?

While a boring drawer is an obvious choice, our scrunchies at The Scrunchie Club are all designed by independent artists… so they deserve to be seen! With that in mind, here are some of our best hair accessories storage solutions:

Easy Access with Basket of Scrunchies

If you have a lot of scrunchies that you rotate through on a regular basis - a basket is the way to go. Easy to access, your scrunchie basket could sit on your desk, your bedroom dresser, or in your bathroom. Wherever you do your hair every day, we recommend keeping them nearby!

store your scrunchies in a basket so they are easily accessible

The Entire Collection with an Acrylic Scrunchie Stand

If you want to show off a larger quantity of scrunchies (around 10 or so), then an acrylic scrunchie stand is a great option! However, depending on the width of the stand, it might be difficult to quickly access scrunchies toward the bottom, so you’ll want to keep your favorites toward the top.

acrylic scrunchie organizer - how to organize your scrunchies

Show Off Your Favorites with a Ring Holder

Ring holder for scrunchie organization - studio arhoj ghost

This idea is a little unconventional but is a super fun way to show off a few of your favorite scrunchies. If you have a big collection, the ring holder probably won’t hold them all, but it looks great on a styled bookshelf.

For a more specific recommendation, I keep my scrunchies on a ceramic “ghost” from Studio Arhoj. When I was in Copenhagen in 2019, I visited their studio on a friend’s recommendation, and I fell in love with their little ghosts, which they have in a variety of colors and styles. (We even included these in our 2020 Shop Small Holiday Gift Guide.)

Don’t Forget it at Home with the Door Knob Technique

Are you always forgetting your favorite scrunchie at home? If so, try the door knob technique! While you’ll only be able to use one or two per door handle, it’ll always be top of mind before you leave the house.

How do you organize and display your favorite scrunchies? Let us know on Instagram!