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How to Wash Your Scrunchies

February 27, 2021

how to clean your scrunchies in the washing machine

We get this question a lot - can you wash your scrunchies? Scrunchie enthusiasts want to know how they can care for their scrunchies and keep them nice and clean. 

And here’s the answer —  it depends! 

We recommend referring to the specific maker of your scrunchies for care information, which can vary by scrunchie fabric. Our scrunchies at The Scrunchie Club are made of a polyester knit fabric, and they are machine washable. As an alternative, you can also wash your scrunchies by hand.

A disclaimer about washing your scrunchies: if you wash your scrunchies often, the design’s color may fade over time. Because of this, we don’t recommend washing your scrunchies as often as you would wash another piece of clothing.

How to clean your scrunchies:

1. Either handwash (in the sink) or use the “gentle” or “delicates” setting on your washing machine

We recommend washing your scrunchies with like-colors (i.e. don’t wash a pink scrunchie with white clothing!) and avoiding washing your scrunchies with clothing that tends to bleed often (like jeans/denim). Using a cold water temperature setting will also help reduce color bleeding.

Fabric softener and color-catcher sheets are always encouraged to keep your scrunchies looking fresh.


2. Dry on low heat (or air dry)

To dry your scrunchies, we recommend using the “low heat” setting on your dryer with your favorite dryer sheets (or alternative). This will have your scrunchies feeling nice and laundered, without shrinking them.

If you prefer to air dry your scrunchies, that works too!

cleaning your scrunchies in the washing machine