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Community Spotlight - Camille Mola of Positive Publicity

July 21, 2020

camille mola positive publicity blog

We’re excited to be sharing our first Community Spotlight! In this series, we’ll be highlighting some of the incredible individuals that make The Scrunchie Club so special.

Name: Camille Mola

Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Camille’s Shameless Plug: Positivity Publicity, where she blogs about food, travel, music, and culture.

camille mola the scrunchie club blanket fort blog

Note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

The Scrunchie Club: Camille, welcome to TSC’s Blanket Fort blog! We’re so glad to have you as our inaugural Community Spotlight interviewee.

Camille Molla: Thank you! 

TSC: What are some of your passions and interests that keep your creative wheels turning?

CM: I love learning, and I do find myself becoming obsessed with a certain topic for a few weeks and then jumping on to something else. One consistent thing that I find keeps my creativity stimulated is photography - I’ve been really trying to enhance my photography skills lately and that’s been really exciting to do. I also love to write, whether it’s on a notebook or the notes app on my phone. I find when I go for long walks that’s usually when my best ideas will come to me. That’s a good tip for if you’re having writer’s block - just go for a long walk and your mind will start to drift and before you know it you’ll come up with what you need to write.

TSC: You’ve been blogging since 2012 - how has Positive Publicity evolved over the years?

CM: In 2012 my blog began as a way for me to document my studies abroad my junior year of college. And then for my various internships, I would blog for those different companies and create content for them. Eventually, in 2015, I made the decision to make it one cohesive blog about Philadelphia, people I found interesting, restaurants I loved, and things I liked to do. It went on quite a journey from 2012 but I’m really happy with where it’s at right now.

camille mola positive publicity blog

TSC: What do you love about the city of Philadelphia? 

CM: Where to begin? I love this city so much - even the times I feel like I’m bored of it, I will either find something new or meet somebody who just reinvorgates my love for this place. I love the arts and culture. I love the people here. The people here are very real. There’s a very unique aspect of Philadelphia that you won’t find anywhere else. 

TSC: How would you describe the blogging and creator community in Philadelphia?

CM: I have found the blogging and social media world in this city to be so collaborative. I love to connect people to other people. It makes me very happy to do that, and I think a lot of people are like that in the blogging world in Philly. 

TSC: Do you have any advice for those wanting to start their own blog or social media presence?

CM: If you’re feeling discouraged or unsure when you begin, remember that there’s room for everybody. There’s room for everybody to create and exist and be different. It might take some time to figure out what exactly your voice or niche is, but there is absolutely room for you. My biggest advice (in a pre/post-Covid world) would be to take advantage of free events and conferences - you’ll meet so many people and network. Find that courage to go to an event alone and meet people. That’s one of the biggest ways I was able to grow my blog and social media. It will pay off.

TSC: How do you treat yourself with kindness?

CM: I wrote ablog post about this recently with a realization I had. A mantra that I’ve been adopting that’s been helping me treat myself more kindly is “When I fully accept and surrender myself to the notion that I’m figuring life out, I am happier.” When I allow myself to just say, you know what, I’m figuring it out, and understand that I’m working on it and that it’s not going to be settled in a day, I can relax and I get so much happier. 

TSC: Can you tell us about some of the causes or nonprofit organizations you support?

CM: I have to give a plug to where I work, theAcademy of Vocal Arts. It’s the world’s only tuition free training academy for young opera singers. People from around the world apply to this very competitive school to learn opera from the best of the best for free. There’s no other place like it.

Another organization I support, that I also think is close to you [Alyssa], is Penn State Dance Marathon (THON), which helps families battling pediatric cancer and provides emotional and financial support. 

Another one close to my heart is Hoops 4 Hope, which is a nonprofit that organizes basketball for men who are experiencing homelessness. 

TSC: What’s your favorite 90s (or early 2000s) television show?

CM: This is good! My favorite, actually, is “Totally Spies!”, which was on Cartoon Network. I watched it before I went to school. 

TSC: That’s a show I have actually never heard about before! What’s your favorite 90s (or early 2000s) pop culture trend?

CM: There were these colors - powder blues and pastel purples and mint greens - anything that had those colors, I was such a sucker for. 

TSC: That’s all we have for today - Thank you for your time, Camille!