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18 Body Positive & Fat Liberation Content Creators to Follow on TikTok and Instagram

January 24, 2021

Body Positive & Fat Liberation Creators to Follow on TikTok and Instagram

There’s a popular notion that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This may or may not be true, but now that we spend so much time online, we spend a lot of time “with” our favorite content creators.

Representation matters, and as I continue my self-love and fat liberation journey, I’ve found it really helpful to follow people that look like me.

If you’re looking to see more body positive or fat liberation content in your social feeds, here are 18 creators I recommend following:

Maggie McGill (She/They)

Maggie’s never-ending enthusiasm for coffee and autumn are infectious - I love following along on Maggie’s adventures with their partner in Philadelphia. 

Christine Suggs (They/Them)

Christine, an illustrator living in Dallas, took a chance on The Scrunchie Club and was our first ever partner artist. Their scrunchie design, “Fat and Happy”, benefits NEDA in support of their work around body positivity.

We are big fans of Christine’s illustration style, and can’t wait to read the graphic memoir they are working on. Their art continues to inspire me on my own self-love journey.

Andi Marrs (She/Her)

Another friend of The Scrunchie Club,Andi’s content always makes me smile. And her shopping recommendations are always top-notch. 

Sydney Grace Scott (She/Her)

I follow Sydney on TikTok, and her style continuously inspires me to try new things in my own wardrobe. Also, her content about diet culture is always incredibly relatable.


Your weird discomfort with the word “fat” is showing 🤭 it’s not an insult if you don’t make it one ✨ ##fyp ##bodypositivity

♬ Debs coffee order Ordinary Days Big Picture - Babbity Rabbity

Lauren’s Truth (She/Her)

Lauren is another creator I discovered on TikTok, and she creates videos on intuitive eating, health at every size, mental health, and more. I find myself liking every single one of her videos 😂


I have a belly and that’s okay! ##bodypositivity ##selflove ##ThisCouldBeUs ##WordsOfWisdom

♬ original sound - lul niyah . 🤞🏽

Chronically Ro (She/Her)

I discovered Rowan’s content recently, and I feel like we would be good friends if we knew each other “in real life.”

again, if you must look... please look respectfully and don’t make it weird I’m just trying to do a cottagecore

♬ original sound - Rowan

Meagan Rose (She/Her)

I love following along on Meagan’s journey as a curve model in NYC - her content always reminds me to never give up on my dreams. I’m also a big fan of her “gratitude check” series, as it encourages me to join in and think about what I’m grateful for that day.


GRATITUDE CHECK! ##grateful ##gratitudechallenge ##thankfull

♬ Rasputin (7" Version) - Boney M.

Devon Elizabeth (She/Her)

Devon is a law student, caretaker for her grandmother, and possibly my fashion role model. Her content truly inspires me to push myself outside of my comfort zone with clothing, and her correct takes on living in a plus size body are always appreciated in my book.



Hot. Take. ##plussize ##bodypositive ##bekind ##foryou ##bullying

♬ original sound - Devon Elizabeth

Meg Boggs (She/Her)

Meg is a mother, author, and a mother-f*cking boss athlete. Enough said.


Something about fresh air during a workout that feels so dang good.

♬ Girls in the Hood - Megan Thee Stallion

So Jo (She/Her/They/Them)

They always keep it real - we love having them as a part of The Scrunchie Club community. 💕

Danni from @thecurvygirlchronicles (She/Her)

Danni’s positive outlook and affordable plus size finds always make me smile. She’s also a small business owner!

Kimmy from KimmyStyled (She/They)

I follow Kimmy on both TikTok and Instagram! Based in Nashville, I find her shopping recommendations really helpful.



Jumpsuit is from target ##plussizeedition ##plussizefashion ##plussizetiktok ##bopo ##shopping ##plussizeclothes ##fattok ##wheretoshop ##fatpositive

♬ Juice - Lizzo


Melissa of Fabglance (She/Her)

Melissa’s content always reminds me to keep after my goals - I love watching her grow her empire. Also, Melissa’s “would you rather” games are legendary.

Jessica Torres (She/Her)

Jessica is a style creator who lives in NYC - and her bold lip colors are always on point. She’s also one of the hosts of the Fat Girls Club podcast.


Rosey Blair (She/Her)

While I follow Rosey on both Instagram and TikTok, her videos about fat stereotypes and representation in movies and tv shows are not to be missed.


SOOKIE IT TO ME BABY!!!!! ##HolidayMusic ##gilmoregirls ##plussizecosplay ##plussizeedition ##plussize ##fatcharacters ##fyp

♬ Where You Lead - The IsoLate Late Show

Fat Girls Hiking

This one is a little bit different - Fat Girls Hiking is a “fat activism, body liberation & outdoor community” with chapters around the country. 

Josie from @aplusfatshion (She/Her)

I’m basically obsessed with Josie’s fashion aesthetic. Like me, she loves simple pieces with a splash of fun.


Anabeth.jpg (She/Her)

If you’re into bold colors, Anabethis a must follow. Her confidence shines through in every photo, and always serves as a little reminder that life (and clothes!) are meant to be fun.



Who are your favorite body positive and fat liberation influencers and content creators? Let us know on Instagram!