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What To Do On A Bad Hair Day | Bad Hair Day Tips & Tricks

May 26, 2021

what to do on a bad hair day

We’ve all been there - a bad hair day. It happens. It’s unavoidable.

And we all know that when you’re not feeling good about your hair or your outfit, it (sadly) has the ability to affect the rest of your day. When you look good, you feel good.

However, if you find yourself having a bad hair day - don’t fret! We’re here to help. There are a few things you can try to turn that bad hair day around.

Disclaimer: sometimes, these won’t work, and you have to let the hair gods do their thing. But, it’s worth a shot. 

Braid Your Hair

bad hair day hairstyles

This is an especially helpful tip if you have long, curly hair: braiding your hair will stop your hair from continuing to frizz, and temporarily change up your curl pattern. Either a single braid or pigtail braids have quickly become my go to bad hair day hairstyles.

Give Your Hair a Spritz with a Spray Bottle

A lot of people (with curly hair especially) use a spray bottle with water to revive their hair. Depending on how much you spray your hair, you may want to reapply product afterward.

Jump Back In the Shower

Sometimes you just need a redo… which means jumping back in the shower. It might be a little bit of a hassle, but if you have the time to spare, it’s your best chance at a better hair day.

The Messy Bun

bad hair day help

When all else fails, just throw it in a bun and call it a day. Sometimes, we don’t have the energy to try anything else, and that’s okay too. A messy bun will always be our go to hairstyle on a humid or rainy day.