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Meet Amy Brown | Artist's Corner

November 01, 2021

holiday christmas scrunchie

Meet Amy Brown! Amy’s artistry focuses on gouache and acrylic painting, with vibrant colors and handmade textures. She is constantly inspired by exploring the outdoors and the little joys in her everyday life. When not painting at her kitchen table, you can find Amy camping or cuddling with her corgi.

Amy is also the artist behind our first ever holiday design, Season’s Greetings, which is available now!

Amy Brown Artist The Scrunchie Club

The Scrunchie Club: Amy, we’re so excited to be partnering with you on our 2021 holiday design!

Amy Brown: I’m excited to be here. It’s been great working with you!

TSC: Tell us about your journey to becoming an artist - did you fall in love with painting at a young age?

AB: I actually didn’t start painting until I graduated college. I remember drawing a lot as a little girl. I loved drawing flowers, butterflies, trees, and really anything outdoors. I never thought of myself as an artist until I took a graphic design class in high school and ended up loving it. I went off to college and majored in graphic design. After graduating, I wanted to find an artistic outlet outside of my job. I started painting patterns and did a 100 day project. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped!

Amy Brown artist

TSC:  How has your artistic style evolved over time?

AB: When I first started painting, I focused mainly on patterns. I think my style has grown over time as I’ve started painting more than just patterns.

TSC: We first started working on this design together in March 2021 - is there anything that helps you get into a “holiday mindset” when creating art many months ahead of time?

AB: Oh absolutely! I may or may not have been listening to Ariana Grande’s holiday album while painting this haha

TSC: From our very first conversation, you were interested in having this design give back to Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City  - did this have an impact on how you approached the “Season’s Greetings” design?

AB: Definitely. When creating it, I thought of holiday activities I enjoy doing with my “little”. Hot chocolate, eating holiday candy, and decorating cookies are all things that came to mind. 

TSC: When people wear your scrunchie design, how do you hope they feel?

AB:  I hope it brings them joy. A reminder of all the goodness this season has to offer! 

TSC: Since this is our first-ever holiday design, we have to ask… do you have any favorite holiday season traditions?

AB: I geek out over holiday decor. My favorite thing is decorating my apartment with all the holiday things! I look forward to it every year. I was so excited last year that I started decorating the day after Halloween!

TSC: Thank you for chatting with us, Amy! We are so excited for this long-awaited scrunchie to finally be out in the world!

You can follow Amy on Instagram for updates on her art, and learn more about the “Season’s Greetings” scrunchie and headband design on The Scrunchie Club’s website.