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10 Instagram Art Hashtags to Follow Today

August 17, 2020

10 Instagram Art Hashtags to Follow Today

At The Scrunchie Club, our business is built upon partnering with womxn and non-binary artists to create awesome designs. Typically, one of the first questions people ask us is "how do you find these incredible artists?" A vital part of that process is following Instagram art accounts and Instagram art tags. In this post, we’ll be sharing some of our current favorite art hashtags to follow!

Note: the ordering of this list has been randomized.

  1. #LadiesWhoDesign - Artists use this tag to be considered for feature on theLadies Who Design Instagram page, which curates work from wonderful women artists all week long.
  2. #GirlsMakingMagic- Pulling in just over 50K in posts, this hashtag can help you easily find new womxn artists to support.
  3. #QueerArt - one of the more popular LGBTQ-art hashtags, #QueerArt has been tagged over 1 million times. 
  4. #DrawingWhileBlack - With a variety of line drawings and illustrations, the #DrawingWhileBlack hashtag pulls in beautiful pieces by Black artists on the platform.
  5. #LetteringLove - Featuring all types of beautiful lettering artwork, this is the hashtag to follow if you’re in need of some inspirational quotes from Instagram art influencers.
  6. #WomenofIllustration - Similar to #LadiesWhoDesign, womxn artists use this account to be considered for a feature on the@WomenofIllustration page, a community with over 600K IG followers.
  7. #NonBinaryArtist - In addition to showcasing their art, non-binary artists also share more about their personal lives and points of view with this hashtag
  8. #BlackGirlsIllustrate- At around 15K posts, this art tag has been one of our favorites for filling our feeds with even more incredibly talented Black artists.
  9. #CreativeCommunity - This hashtag also includes other mediums, like ceramics and embroidery artwork!
  10. #IllustratorsonInstagram - One of the biggest hashtags we’re featuring on this list with 3 million posts, #IllustratorsonInstagram pulls in a wide variety of styles and artistic points of view.

As you’ll see from the hashtags above, Instagram is a great place to find new artists to follow! While there are free ways to support their continued creation (following and liking their posts helps artists continue to reach more people and grow their communities), many also have online shops where you can purchase their incredible work.

You can learn more about the artistsThe Scrunchie Club partners with (and follow them on Instagram!) on our“Meet Our Artists” page.